My Zero Waste New Year Goals


I’m always a fan of making lists. Every day consists of a list of things I would love to get done. Not many things are crossed off, but just having options and seeing a bigger picture is always helpful in making a productive day. For me, the new year and my new year goals are no different; they are just things that I would love to make progress in but okay with not fully completing, as long as I started.

This year, I wanted to specifically make a list for my zero waste goals. (You can read some of my other life goals here.) As I mentioned before, becoming zero waste is something that I am aiming for, a process. It’s something that involves time and progress — two of my favorite things. So here are some of my goals as I aim to slowly but surely improve my lifestyle.

1. Be involved in the ecology club (and start composting with them).

It took me a while to figure out that there was an ecology club at my university. But as I searched for ways to compost in and around campus, I emailed multiple people about gardens that I could use. After several attempts at finding someone, I finally found the ecology club through Instagram and received great news that the university has a garden that I could use for composting and growing vegetables! I am very excited to learn all about this and (hopefully) figure out some way of collecting my food scraps from the dorm.

2. Make (and attempt) a sugar wax.

Shaving and waxing have always been somewhat controversial. For me, I prefer shaving but even that can cause my skin to be irritated and itchy. I’ve heard that sugar waxing is better for your skin as it exfoliates as well as removes hair. Since it’s still cold, I’m sure I can at least attempt this once before the summer comes.

3. Find some way to recycle at college.

A while ago, my roommate and I logged everything that we threw away for a week and we found that a great majority of the items could have been recycled. Knowing that, my next challenge is to figure out a way to collect all of that recycling and bring it to a drop-off location. Maybe I could start with keeping a bin by the dorm door.


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